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Neuhaus Neotec supply machines, plants and turnkey factories for the food industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

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Continuous fluidized bed drying

Fluidized bed processes are effective and, due to the intensive exchange of heat and material, first choice where the thermal treatment of bulk products (drying and cooling), the formation of particles from powders (agglomeration) or liquids (spray granulation) are concerned.

Continuous operation has become accepted in all industries. In the pharmaceutical industry, the continuous process is the ideal way to meet the new PAT demands (Process Analytical Technologies), i.e. understanding and controlling the entire process in the production of pharmaceutical products.

In the food and in the chemical industry, the advantages of the continuous process such as reproducible product quality and fully automatic operation have long been known.

Neuhaus Neotec develop and supply continuous fluidized bed plants in particular for GMP-conforming applications - from the pilot plant (5 - 50 kg/h) to large-scale production plants (up to 3,000 kg/h).

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The plants are characterized by an enormous flexibility. By means of individual adaptation of the inlet air conditions which can be adjusted section-wise, the weir adjustment for optimization of the retention time distribution and the integrated filter concept, particles can be formulated exactly according to the customer's demands.

In order to meet the requirements of the EC Directive 94/9 (ATEX 95), the continuous fluidized bed plants can be equipped with certified explosion suppression systems according to the available product data and depending on the risk assessment for dust explosions.

The GMP design allows simple and quick cleaning, especially as WIP systems for automatic cleaning can be integrated.

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