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Coffee is our life

NEUHAUS NEOTEC supply machines, plants, and turnkey factories for the food industry, mainly for the treatment and processing of coffee, cocoa, and nuts.

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Quality control

LEAK TEST I for Packagings

Neuhaus Neotec complete their range of systems for quality assurance by high-quality devices for leak testing of packagings.This technology allows the detection of packaging leaks of all kinds and the tracking of customer-specified leak rates.

With the detection of food packagings in production or in the laboratory, a manufacturer can ensure the quality of the packaging and thus verify the quality of the final product.

It is a non-destructive testing without using test gas, because the innovative leak detector "Leak Test I" functions in accordance with a unique operating principle. The device analyses the pressure profile in seconds, the result being displayed on a screen.

The typical products are coffee capsules or coffee pads in pouches (tubular bags).

Laboratory Grinder LWM 100
The laboratory grinder has been designed especially for varied size-reduction tests. Thanks to the individual drive of every roller and the quick-tensioning device of the rollers, different constellations can be tested within a very short time. Optionally, the LWM can be used as production machine.
The COLORTEST 2 device illuminates the sample with monochromatic light from a semi-conductor source. A photo-receiver measures the amount of light reflected by the sample. From a series of individual measurements, the following electronic system determines the average value and displays it.
Using new colour references, which are checked and certified by the manufacturer, a universal comparable measurement can be guaranteed.
System for continuous on-line colour monitoring.
Course and fine grained products.
Quality control Quality control Quality control Quality control

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