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Coffee is our life

NEUHAUS NEOTEC supply machines, plants, and turnkey factories for the food industry, mainly for the treatment and processing of coffee, cocoa, kernels and nuts.

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Drum roasters

Drum Roster CTR-1500 and CTR-3000
  • Batch size: 240 up to 320 kg resp. 480 up to 640 kg
  • Exact temperature measuring and indication
  • Uniform roasting which can be exactly reproduced
  • Efficient heat transfer due to continuous and intensive flow of roasting air through the batch
  • Roasting gases are circulated for saving energy. The burner which is situated under the roasting drum heats the circulating roasting gases to the set temperature level and stabilizes them by a control circuit. As an alternative the system can be operated as an open system.
  • Only the air quantity which is produced as an additional quantity during roasting (combustion air and roasting gases) will be fed as exhaust gases to a catalytic unit. The required reaction temperature will be generated by an auxiliary burner for subsequent cleaning of the exhaust gas by a catalyst with inserted ceramic modules. As alternative a thermal combustion unit can be supplied.
  • The CTR 1500 and CTR 3000 are very easy to operate. The programmable logic controller (PLC) together with an operating panel allows automatic operation. The touch panel with operating keys is installed directly at the roaster.
  • Also the option to operate and control the process by a visual system is offered.
  • Operation andprocess control are fully automatic.
  • Roasting parameters can be secured as recipes.
  • All important information is shown on the operating panel.


  • Profile- and Copy-Roasting
  • Second bin for green coffee for avoiding waiting times
  • Preheating of the green coffee batch by direct or indirect hot air. This will save energy and increase the roasting capacity.
  • Cooling by fresh air, cooling air is not sucked from inside the building, but supplied from outside. This will ensure more effeicient and quicker cooling.
  • An adjustable exhaust gas flap especcially for very dark roasting
  • Sound absorbers in the exhaust gas duct for minimizing noise
  • Thermal cleaning of the roast circuit
  • Online measuring of colour and moisture

Drum roasters

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