Kaffee Reinigungsanlagen, Mahlwerke, rösten

Coffee is our life

NEUHAUS NEOTEC supply machines, plants, and turnkey factories for the food industry, mainly for the treatment and processing of coffee, cocoa, and nuts.

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Rotational Flexible Batch
The RFB is a machine with one of the broadest ranges of roasting possibilities and qualities on the market.

It provides any possibility to get the best out of the bean and to preserve it. Adapted solutions are available for

  • Main stream and rapid roasting
  • Main stream and slow roasting
  • Slow and extremely dark roasting
  • With and without preheating of the batch
  • Preheating by means of fresh air or process air
  • Recirculation or open system
  • Thermal or catalyst exhaust air cleaning
  • Profile-, phase roasting or copy roasting

corporate movie RFB: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD5uypc8Ngg

RFB Rotation Flexible Batch RFB Rotation Flexible Batch RFB Rotation Flexible Batch


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