Kaffee Reinigungsanlagen, Mahlwerke, rösten

Coffee is our life

NEUHAUS NEOTEC supply machines, plants, and turnkey factories for the food industry, mainly for the treatment and processing of coffee, cocoa, and nuts.

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Our demand on all our roasters:
"Get the best out of the bean".

The variety of green coffee provenances, as well as of coffee cultures, shows how important the flexibility of a roasting machine is for meeting this demand.

Neuhaus Neotec does a lot of research and development work which also takes into account the experience and suggestions of our customers.
Representatives of universities and coffee specialists are always involved in our development of the best roasting machine.

Thus, the product ranges of our RFB and RG series, the shop and laboratory or pilot roasters are unmatched.

Our machines cover all market requirements - from espresso, to conventional and fast roasting.
Our aim is to offer our customers always the best technical solution and to maintain our leading position in the fields of:
  • energy consumption
  • ecological exhaust air treatment
  • precision and constancy from the first batch
  • fastest possible and complete cooling
  • profile and copy roasting with rapid response times
  • convenient user guidance
  • safety, flexibility, and high availability
  • low service and maintenance demands
The capacity range
  • RFB series: 1,000 kg/h - 5,000 kg/h.
  • RG series: 200 kg/h - 1,500 kg/h.
  • Junior small-capacity roaster (electrically heated) 0.5 kg/h to 5 kg/h.
  • RFB S sample roaster for samples of 100 g to 500 g
  • C roaster (continuous roaster): 2,000 kg/h - 5,000 kg/h.
  • Shop roaster 0.2 kg to 1 kg/ batch

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