Kaffee Reinigungsanlagen, Mahlwerke, rösten

Coffee is our life

NEUHAUS NEOTEC supply machines, plants, and turnkey factories for the food industry, mainly for the treatment and processing of coffee, cocoa, and nuts.

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Densifying System
You have got problems with the coffee's bulk density?

No matter if you need a high degree of densifying, if you want to densify your coffee only slightly or just want to mix in your chaffs - the Neuhaus Neotec compactor is the ideal machine for this purpose.

The machine makes low maintenance demands, is highly flexible and fully automatic on demand and enables you to process the coffee according to your requirements. And of course, this compactor is water-cooled.

Continuously adjustable mixing tools round off the coffee and homogenize it before it is compacted by means of an adjustable outlet control. In the process, the chaffs are crushed and coloured. The outlet can be controlled manually or automatically. Two different designs of this machine are available which cover a capacity range of 300 kg/h to 5,000 kg/h.

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