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Coffee is our life

NEUHAUS NEOTEC supply machines, plants, and turnkey factories for the food industry, mainly for the treatment and processing of coffee, cocoa, kernels and nuts.

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Profile roasting

Profile and Copy Roast

The NN profile roasting (already patented in 1993) is one the most advanced roast controls.

In our systems measuring the coffee bean temperature already controls the roasting and as our roaster contains hindering mechanical agitator the coffee bean can be measured in an optimal and precise way.

NN offers two options
a) Step profile: Here the air temperature and air volume is varied by pre-setting and optional profile curve to ensure optimum development of the bean.
b) Copy roast: Here the bean temperature development is controlled and preset the coffee bean temperature roast time curve on the PC screen.

This controls the thermal energy input to the bean at any time.

The software controller is checking at every second the deviation of the actual/current value to the set value.

    The main parameter for the energy transfer:
  • Air temperature and air velocity will be adjusted by the control software to copy the desired coffee bean temperature path. This bean temperature time curve can easily be set in the visualisation screen.
  • This ensures even better that sources of disturbance like the deviation in the coffee bean batch size, bean humidity are compensated.
  • The RFB is even better capable because of its low heat capacity than other roasters for profile roasting - it will react faster than drums or similar processes with its heavy metal drums and chambers, where so much thermal energy is dought (?) that simply the roaster cannot react fast enough to thermal or temperature changing.
  • NN profile and copy roast options give the roast master additional tools to get the best out of the bean. See our demonstration at Interpack 2008

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