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Coffee is our life

NEUHAUS NEOTEC supply machines, plants, and turnkey factories for the food industry, mainly for the treatment and processing of coffee, cocoa, kernels and nuts.

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Quality Control

Quality Control down to the smallest Detail

With the in-line colour and moisture measurement and the on-line bulk density measurement Neuhaus Neotec provides two modern tools for quality control of roasted coffee.

Before roasting, green coffee beans undergo several controls to check the quality, condition and purity of the coveted beans. During the roasting process, the roasting parameters are monitored and regulated continuously so that the coffee reaches the desired roasting degree. Even after the roasting process, there are different options to check the quality of the roasted coffee before it is packaged.

In-Line Colour and Moisture Measurement

For in-line colour and moisture measurement, a small conveying belt is installed downstream the roaster, on which the roasted beans pass through two measurement units. The first one is the Neuhaus Neotec Colour Control, a system for continuous colour monitoring based on a monochromatic reflectance measurement. With this system, the light reflected by the roasted beans is measured. The digital measured value is used for comparison with reference samples or values.

The second measuring unit is a moisture meter which measures and records the remaining water content of the roasted beans. These two control points give an indication as to wether the beans were roasted in the roaster according to the specifications. The in-line colour and moisture measurement provides a constant control of wether the roasting process has been optimum or any specific paramters need to be modified.

On-Line Bulk Density Measurement with DenseControl

Another approach for quality control of roasted coffee is the on-line bulk density measurement. With the newly developed DenseControl of Neuhaus Neotec, fine-grained products such as ground coffee can be taken from the current process and weighed. The resulting bulk density can be used to control and regulate the upstream processes.

To avoid waste, a defined volume of the product flow is taken downstream the grinder for determining the bulk density. Thanks to the high-precision weighing technology, the measuring results are very precise and reproducible. If the specifications are not complied with, the compactor unit for the ground product can be readjusted to avoid later difficulties during packaging (since the ground coffee does not fit into the package if compaction has been insufficient).

DenseControl has an independent control system with touch panel for automatic or manual operation. Administration and operation are also possible via a web browser. Analogue and digital interfaces as well as data storage on SD card ensure easy and secure data transfer and exchange.

With control options, such as colour and moisture measurement after the roasting process as well as the newly developed bulk density measurement, Neuhaus Neotec offers small, medium-sized and large coffee roasters different, very safe and efficient ways of quality control for roasted coffee.

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