Worldwide Coffee Expertise

Since more than 40 years we are one of the leading manufacturers in plant design and construction for the processing of coffee. In addition to machines and plants, we produce turnkey factories for the handling, roasting and grinding of coffee. Our energy-saving concepts and technologies require little resources and minimize emissions and CO2 emissions.
These aspects of our technology are featured in a current report in popular TV series ‘Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr.’ Background information about the feature can be found here.

NEUHAUS NEOTEC is the main sponsor of the first European Congress on Coffee Capsules of the German Coffee Association! You will receive reduced admission tickets with us.

Fluidized Bed Technology

Neuhaus Neotec specialises in building plants for the food industry, the fine chemistry, the chemical and the pharmaceutical industries. Based on extensive know-how we develop fluidised bed plants for continuous as well as discontinuous (batch) operation - for drying, granulation and coating applications.  

First European Congress on Coffee Capsules