GMP Roller Mill

GMP Roller Mill

Low-dust milling using GMP conforming roller mills

The department "Particle technology" of NEUHAUS NEOTEC Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH has improved the well-established laboratory grinder LWM 100 for the most demanding applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry as well as in the food industry.

The new design with drive system and control elements housed together in one stainless steel case allows quick and easy cleaning. All product-contacting parts are designed in stainless steel 1.4404 (316 L) with a surface quality of < 0.8 µm.

Due to the separation of grinding chamber and drive unit, air-cleaned shaft seals and an easily dismountable product guiding system, the grinder complies with the highest GMP demands and with the Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX).

The roller mill process is superior to any other milling process if low-dust grinding with a narrow particle size distribution is to be achieved. This is of great importance for example for grinding of flakes compacted by rollers as the improved flow properties of the granules considerably increase the efficiency of the downstream tablettising presses.

Applications and examples:

  • Grinding of flakes of organic and inorganic products compacted by rollers with a content of less than 10% < 100 µm
  • High yields of e.g. > 90 % in the range of 100 and 500 µm
  • Grinding without temperature increase due to quasi individual grain crushing
  • Crushing of agglomerates and granulates
  • Reproducible grinding results

Design characteristics:

  • Continuous adjustment of the roller speed and the grinding gap
  • Use of stainless steel rollers in smooth and/or corrugated design
  • Designed as 1 or up to 4 stage grinder for highest flexibility
  • Capacity of 100 g up to approx. 500 kg/h depending on the requirements