The mobatch (= mobile batch plant) is a compact batch fluidised bed plant with integrated air treatment (heater, fan and filter elements) as well as pneumatic system, control system and optionally constructive explosion protection. The mobatch can be operated with replaceable product bins, distributor plates, spraying systems, etc. These individual features provide the option to use the mobatch for all fluidised bed processes in the laboratory, pilot plant or small quantity production scale:

Drying and cooling of bulk goods

Top-spray-processes: Agglomeration, spray granulation, coating, micro-encapsulation
bottom-spray processes: Agglomeration, spray granulation, coating, micro-encapsulation

Design details, partly supplied as option:

  • Replaceable bins: 2.5 l / 22 l / spouted bed coating
  • Batch sizes of 200 g to about 8000 g
  • Max. inlet air temperature 160 °C
  • Max. air volume flow 200 m³/h
  • Top and bottom spray processes
  • Wurster coating / spouted bed coating
  • Swivelling and tilting product bin
  • Cartridge filter system with compressed air dedusting unit
  • Inspection glasses in the product bin and filter housing
  • 10 bar pressure shock resistance with optional quick-closing valves in the housing
  • Integrated socket for connecting stirrers etc.
  • Integrated hose pump
  • Installation in zone 21