Engineering and plants Made in Germany

The Neuhaus Neotec Conti FB fluidised bed system bases on HEINEN DRYING® technology and has been designed for various continuous processes such as drying/cooling, agglomeration and spray granulation . Several additional devices allow to perform these processes within one apparatus; they offer a flexible use of the entire plant. Due to a close meshed size pattern we can manufacture customised plants for almost every required production and space situation.

The engineering of our continuous fluidised bed systems combines proven expertise in process technology with practical process control and maximum flexibility in construction and functionality of the plants.


For simultaneous processing of powdery and liquid substances as required in agglomeration or spray granulation, the plant is provided with internal spray nozzles for spraying liquid on the fluidised product.
Fluidized bed systems manufactured by Neuhaus Neotec are modular constructions and will be customised for your particular application and the required functions. Various options can also be installed later to efficiently match future demands. In the Neuhaus Neotec pilot plant, all processes can be developed, tested and verified both on laboratory and pilot scale.


The required size of a plant depends on the process and on the product to be processed. Product quantities from 10 kg up to several tons can be processed per hour. Our continuous fluidised bed apparatuses are built according to a standardized size pattern. They offer an economic construction for almost every appliance and any space situation. We design a continuous fluidised bed system ranging from a width of only 20 cm to practically any reasonable dimension.