Components of a Batch fluidised Bed Plant

The batch-processing fluidised bed plants are modular and adaptable to individual requirements. The complete plant consists of a Neuhaus Neotec Batch FB fluidised bed apparatus and the peripheral main assemblies for the inlet air and exhaust air handling.

Inlet Air Handling

For constant and reproducible results, process air must be available in a defined quality appropriate for the process. Filter stages, antifreeze systems, dehumidification or humidification of the process air - everything is customized to your requirements.

Exhaust Air Treatment

On the exhaust air side of the fluidised bed plant, in addition to the exhaust air fan, further air handling components can be integrated optionally to remove dust from the exhaust air or to recover heat. These include police filters, cleanable filters or solvent recovery.

Product Filters

The batch plants can be equipped with single-chamber, double-chamber vibrating and cartridge filter systems.

Plant Control

The control system is an essential quality feature of the plant. Neuhaus Neotec develop their own compatible hardware and software solutions which are tailored to a reliable, user-friendly plant operation. Graphical interfaces give a detailed view of the parameter settings, e.g. for the creation of a recipe. An intuitive user interface simplifies the control of the processes. All control programmes (PLC) can be connected via various bus interfaces with connected production plants and external control or evaluation units. Maintenance, fault diagnosis and support are provided worldwide.

Further optional components of a batch plant:

  • Product supply and discharge system
  • Product conveying systems
  • Mechanical granulation systems
  • Grinding of the raw materials
  • Transport and bagging devices