Batch FB - fluidised bed plants for batchwise processing

For processing powdery substances and for shaping liquids, the fluidised bed technology provides optimum solutions to reach efficient production processes. Contrary to continuous fluidised bed plants, batch-wises processes take place consecutively. They are reproducible at any time and ensure a high product quality.

The batch technology is an alternative, when fast throughput times do not matter and fixed batch sizes are to be processed or when a frequent product change is planned. Neuhaus Neotec fluidised bed plants are versatile and flexible. They can process a variety of products and refine powders, granules or pellets or shape liquids to particles.

In addition to drying, batch plants are used for agglomeration, spray granulation, coating or micro-encapsulation.


Our plants are of modular design. They can be adjusted in many ways to the planned process, the desired functionality and the prevailing conditions, such as GMP or space available. Product and technical areas are separated from each other. The basic Neuhaus Neotec plant consists of the Batch FB fluidised bed apparatus, the inlet air and exhaust air systems and the control unit. Various options can be retrofitted to meet future requirements efficiently. In the Neuhaus Neotec pilot plant, all processes can be developed, tested and verified both on laboratory and pilot scale.