Continuously or batch-wise?

Depending on the primary compound, the amount and the demands to the product, the fluidized bed technology can be operated as continuous process (Conti FB – plants) or as batch-wise process (Batch FB – plants).

In bulk production, particularly the continuous fluidised bed processes provide a higher increase in value by reducing operating and production costs. The processes are fully automatic, reproducible at any time and guarantee a high product quality. The agglomeration or spray granulation in continuous top and bottom-spray fluidised bed processes have gained acceptance for example in the production of instant products or compressible granulates.

Contrary to continuous operation, in batch operation the individual fluidised bed process steps are carried out time-staggered. This offers more flexibility concerning the variation of parameters and process settings for manufacturing complex products. Batch processes are particularly appropriate for the production of many different recipes in varying quantities.

For determining the best process, the optimal parameters and the most efficient production conditions, get supported by our dedicated process engineers, a professional equipped Technical Center and our huge competence in this technology.