Fascination fluidised bed

"It’s bubbling like a roaring hurricane. Waves build up walls and tumble down even before the eye can catch the scene. Mist is drizzling. Solitary dots glow up and disappear, twisting little pirouettes. – Looking inside a fluidised bed plant means real technological fascination.

Everything is flowing. Ghostlike an enormous airflow is swirling powder or liquids almost weightless through the space. The surface extends immensely. Every micro-fine droplet or particle is veiled by air, the whole surface of the particle is exposed."

More than hot air

A fluidised bed is formed when a gas (generally air) is passed through a quantity of solids from the bottom. The particles are intensely moved and a so-called fluidised bed is formed. Now there are perfect preconditions for the heat and mass transfer and thus for cooling or drying of fluidisable bulk goods. Via integrated spray systems, the fluidized bed method can be used for further process technological procedures. Fine powders or liquids, for example, are formed to particles by agglomeration or spray granulation and then show enhanced
application properties as granules. Moreover fluidized bed processes are suitable for coating and micro-encapsulation of active substances.

The determination of the right process depends on various parameters. Depending on production requirements, the characteristics of the primary substance and the targeted final product, the process can be adjusted in several ways.

At Neuhaus Neotec, we have the comprehensive knowledge and a long-standing experience to configure the best plant for your needs. We know all details of fluidised bed processes and know how to deal with demanding tasks and special process demands.