Many possibilities

With fluidised bed processes, the product properties of powders or granules can be specifically changed and optimised according to the customer requirements - and they can bring liquid products into a solid form. Fluidised bed processes They can modify the application properties of raw materials, intermediate products and final products in the food, the fine chemical, the pharmaceutical, the biotechnology and the chemical industry. They reduce for example the dust content, improve the flow and tabletting behaviour and generate additional innovative product properties. Fluidised bed processes also ensure rapid solubility of instant drinks or the stability of a mixing ratio to maintain exact dosages.

Due to the intensive exchange of heat and material, fluidised bed processes are particularly effective and versatile:

  • Thermal treatment of bulk goods (drying, conditioning and cooling)
  • Formation of particles from powders (agglomeration)
  • Formation of particles from liquids (granulation, see spray granulation)
  • Particle coating (Coating)
  • Encapsulation of active agents into a matrix (micro-encapsulation)

Process survey: