Traineeships / bachelor or / master theses in fluidised bed technology

Neuhaus Neotec is a specialist in particle engineering with fluidised bed processes as the core technology. With our extensive process know-how, we optimise existing products and processes and develop completely new product recipes with defined particle properties.

There are always new ideas and challenges which deserve a closer look. This involves the study of new process versions, the optimisation of plant components, the development of new recipes and applications.

Many different issues offer the chance of interesting subjects for traineeships / bachelor / master and diploma theses. We react in a flexible way to thematic focuses which correspond to the respective personal interests.

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Examples of possible subjects:

  • Optimising the design of a fluidised bed bottom spray process with the aim of improving the process and product quality in agglomeration, spray granulation and coating applications
  • Study of a bottom spray fluidised bed coating process without apparatus installation and qualitative comparison with the classic Wurster process
  • Comparative study of agglomeration processes in top spray and/or bottom spray processes
  • Study of spray granulation processes with modified apparatus installations
  • Study of parameters influencing process efficiency/exploitation in coating processes