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Neuhaus Neotec - Particle Engineering with fluidised Bed Technologies

With fluidised bed processes, the product properties of powders or granules can be specifically changed and optimised according to the customer requirements - and they can bring liquid products into a solid form.

As a specialised plant manufacturer, we work together worldwide with customers in demanding industries such as the food industry, the fine chemicals, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as the biotechnnology.

In addition to the process, we provide not just a machine but a holistic, detailed concept for the entire process flow. Our in-depth understanding of all

Process engineering and dependencies allow us to exactly design the configuration you need for your application and to assure the sustainability of your investment.

We provide plants for continuous operation (Conti FB) and for batch-wise processing (Batch FB) in a variety of sizes and designs. We provide special equipment for laboratory applications,. We will, of course, assist you with our entire know-how and are at your disposal for individual special solutions.

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Fluidised bed

Neuhaus Neotec Particle Technology

Optimised product properties

Product and application properties of bulk goods can be changed in a targeted manner and be optimized to suit the customers' requests. This technology also offers the possibility to turn liquid products into solid material particles.

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Neuhaus Neotec Particle Technology

NEUHAUS NEOTEC Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

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Our Pilot Plant

Neuhaus Neotec Particle Technology

Product and process development

Our Technical Center offers the possibility of small-scale tests by batch-wise or continuously operated fluidised bed processes. The tests and/or their configurations provide a reliable basis for the so-called scale-up for the later production scale.

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