Fluidised bed technology in fine chemicals

When dealing with chemically pure substances an effective and secure processing is important because of the high material prices and the potential danger of the substances. More than in other industries fine chemicals demand complex processes with different process parameters, a uniform product quality and to avoid product loss.

Basing on our extensive experience gained in fine chemicals we develop individual solutions for your specific applications.

Neuhaus Neotec fluidised bed systems offer:

  • A safe operational concept
  • Energy efficient drying
  • Favourable cost / performance ratio
  • High equipment availability
  • New products and product shapes
  • Improved product properties
  • Improved product functionality
  • Products with a higher added value
  • Consideration of the environmentally compatible design of the entire plant
  • Better pelletability by agglomeration of the powdery raw material

Modular Design - Safety of Transport

  • Spray granulation for turning liquid products into dust-free, solid moulds
  • Crystallization of liquid melts
  • Drying / cooling in fluidised bed after mechanical Granulation
  • Enzymes