Fluidised bed technology in the feed industry

Due to the trend towards innovative products and new product shapes, the need for improved and innovative manufacturing process also increases in feed industry.

Optimized premix compositions, for example, are of essential importance for feed producers. Homogeneity, good dosing properties, stable mixtures and improved efficiency are requested for ensuring the feeding success with a sustainable improvement in performance. The quantities of the individual components must also be reduced.

Fluidised bed process engineering which includes drying, agglomeration, spray granulation or coating, provides extensive options for configuring specific properties of recipes or functional ingredients.

Basing on our extensive experience gained in feed industry we develop individual solutions for your specific applications.

Neuhaus Neotec fluidised bed systems offer:

  • A safe operational concept
  • Energy efficient drying
  • Favourable cost / performance ratio
  • High equipment availability
  • New products and product shapes
  • Improved product properties
  • Improved product functionality
  • Products with a higher added value

Application examples:

  • Spray granulation for turning liquid products into dust-free, solid moulds
  • Production of premix-compounds
  • Encapsulation of active substances, such as probiotics or enzymes
  • Fat coating
  • Drying / cooling in the fluidised bed after pelleting