Fluidised bed technology in the chemical industry

The basic condition for the successful manufacture of chemical products is a safe manufacturing process and the compliance with strict environmental requirements. At the same time the enormous competitive pressure demands a high economic efficiency. The fluidised bed technology is an efficient process optimally suited for these targets: The high material yield makes the use of expensive raw materials more effective and the improved product properties secures the competitiveness.

The market demands products of good flowability which can be easily dosed and which are redispersible. Increasing environmental awareness leads to concentrates and compact products; solid product moulds (such as laundry tabs) become more important and modified recipes demand new manufacturing techniques. The processes of fluidised bed technology, for example spray granulation, meet the requirements of the chemical industry in a cost-efficient way.

The fluidised bed technology also offers many advantages for processing ceramic materials. Increasing demands on materials and new fields of application require optimized properties of intermediate products, concerning above all their pelletability, pourability and residual moisture. By using the Neuhaus Neotec-process, the ceramic material, for example, is conditioned with a binder for further processing by spray granulation of sludge or by wet granulation of powder.

Basing on our extensive experience gained in chemical industry we develop individual solutions for your specific applications.

Neuhaus Neotec fluidised bed systems offer:

  • A safe operational concept
  • Energy efficient drying
  • Favourable cost / performance ratio
  • High equipment availability
  • New products and product shapes
  • Improved product properties
  • Improved product functionality
  • Products with a higher added value
  • Better pelletability by agglomeration of the powdery raw material

Application examples from chemical industry:

  • Spray granulation for turning liquid products into dust-free, solid moulds
  • Safe tempering and conditioning of polymers
  • Crystallization of liquid melts
  • Re-confectioning of spray tower products by agglomeration
  • Re-drying of centrifugal-wet material / after mechanical dehydration
  • Drying / cooling in fluidised bed after mechanical granulation
  • Spray granulation of ceramic sludge
  • Formulation of fertilizers
  • Aluminium oxide
  • Cellulose
  • Colouring agents
  • Zirconium dioxide