Neuhaus Neotec

NEUHAUS NEOTEC with their nearly 150 employees have been active mainly in the coffee and cocoa industry for more than 40 years. In 1991 the company was integrated into the Kahl Group. In the year 2008, the new business area "Particle Technology" was established which focuses in particular on fluidised bed processes for drying, agglomeration, spray granulation, coating and encapsulation in applications for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

Our offices and production buildings are located in Reinbek (Hamburg) and Ganderkesee (Bremen). About 75% of our products and services are exported.

Neuhaus Neotec / Coffee Division

NEUHAUS NEOTEC supplies, as one of the world market leaders, machines, plants and turnkey factories for the treatment and processing of coffee and other food, such as nuts, seeds and cocoa beans. Coffee is one of the most fascinating products and Neuhaus Neotec has acquired a high competence in this field of activity over the past decades which we want our customers to benefit from in order to get the best out of every single bean. More...

Neuhaus Neotec / Particle Technology

You have a specific project related to drying, agglomeration, spray granulation, encapsulation or coating? You want to convert powders or liquids into granules? To produce dust-free products with defined granular sizes? To add innovative features? To develop new products or test a process in the laboratory or pilot scale?

In the business area "Particle Technology" we deal with the production, refining and processing of particles - particularly by means of fluidised bed processes - to change the material properties of powdery and liquid substances. Granules, agglomerates and coated or micro-encapsulated particles with improved application behaviour and innovative added value will be produced. Optimisation of storage stability, proportioning and solubility, instantisation, dust reduction, micro-encapsulation of active ingredients and coating - these are some examples of the diverse applications of the fluidised bed processes.

Neuhaus Neotec / Grinder Technology

The grinder technology by NEUHAUS NEOTEC is based on many years of experience in the crushing technology. Our roll grinders have been designed for gentle and efficient size reduction of solids for various applications, such as polymers, metals and crystalline materials. More...