Neuhaus Neotec offer numerous workshops.

If you are interested in taking part in one of the events listed below, please use the following form to contact us:

Coffee roasting for your own coffee shop

In this workshop you learn the basics of how to compose a new coffee blend, the correct parameters, the quality control and you receive general information about coffee. The right choice for all who want to open their own business or deepen their knowledge.

Influence of roasting parameters on coffee quality incl. cup tasting

In this workshop, we show how an optimum development of beans can be achieved with different green coffee grades and blends by means of roasting tests with different parameters. The RFB is the ideal tool to get the best out of each bean.

How to produce good espresso

In this workshop we teach in theory and practice, what belongs to a really good espresso. How do I obtain a good crema? During the following tasting, the participants can taste the difference for themselves.

Visiting a modern green coffee terminal

We offer the participants a tour through the largest and most modern green coffee centres in Hamburg with detailed explanation of the individual process steps.