Pilot Plant

Pilot Plant

Our pilot plant, which is equipped with laboratory and pilot-scale roasting machines, enables research to be carried out on the influence of different roasting conditions on coffee quality. The effects of step, profile, and preliminary roasting as well as pre-drying processes can be tested.

Different pilot plant and laboratory roll mills and compactors allow for an optimisation of grinding for filter, espresso, and extract coffee. The optimum machine design with respect to the customer's individual requirements can be defined already during the tests.

Experienced engineers and coffee specialists will assist you with the tests. Our customers can find out about the complete range of possible roasting conditions, such as temperature, air quantity or the influence of slow and fast roasting on the processing of the coffee.
Bring your own coffee for trials and you will experience which more aromas and flavours are there to be discovered.


Grinding is a technology which requires the highest precision with regard to production tolerance as well as robustly constructed machines. Neuhaus Neotec grinders are fully reliable, precise and always keep to the pre-determined particle size distribution. Quality assurance requires careful and oxygen protected handling of the ground roasted coffee from grinding to packing. Neuhaus Neotec has various designs from which to choose. Detailed innovative design makes the grinder a leader in technology. In the field of grinding, a laboratory roll mill is at your disposal which replicates the design of large-scale production grinders. These grinders produce coffee that ensures an optimum cup of espresso as well as dust-free granules for instant coffee. In the area of ​​green coffee pretreatment (steaming), a pilot plant is in the planning stage.

Research and development are the key to success

In recent years NEUHAUS NEOTEC have carried out many different grinding and roasting tests in their fully equipped pilot plant in Ganderkesee. The NEUHAUS NEOTEC pilot plant is equipped with several roasters, beginning at a batch size of 150 g, RFB 10 with batch sizes from 1.5 to 5 kg and RFB -30 G with batch sizes from 15 to 30 kg. These roasters offer all possibilities to meet the needs of our customers from all over the world. The requirements range from short-time roasting to traditional slow roasting, from very dark espresso to light Scandinavian roasts.

Not only coffee, but all kinds of different products like grain, wheat, nuts, sesame, sunflower kernel, rice, soybeans etc. have been tested successfully. We have used the facilities in order to put into practice the new developments of our R&D department. The main focus is here on the improvement of the different roasting systems.

NEUHAUS NEOTEC are working on improvements such as an even simpler handling of the green and roasted coffee silos by the use of an online moisture and colour measurement system similar to the system that is used already today in the roasters manufactured by NEUHAUS NEOTEC. The pilot plant is also equipped with a laboratory grinder and an industrial-scale grinder.