Repair and Maintenance of Machines and Plants

We determine the cause of damage, procure the necessary spare parts and carry out repairs, disassembly and assembly. Repairs can be done locally in the factory of the customer or in our factory. All repair-related services are coordinated and carried out from one source.

Service and Maintenance Contracts

Our service technicians are specially trained for their job and have all the experience of a manufacturer. An early recognition of possible error sources can reduce unexpected machine downtimes significantly.

Operator, Technology and Service Training

The personnel of our customers are trained and instructed by our experienced team of engineers, technicians and experts.

Remote Maintenance and Telephone Service

Our experienced team of engineers attends to our customers via Internet and telephone. As our service department is equipped with state-of-the-art communication media, we are able to react fast and thus increase the plant availability. The costs for service visits and machine downtimes are minimised. Our service technicians at site will be supported round the clock.

Spare Parts Service

In 90 % of all cases we can supply spare parts within 24 hours. If the order is placed with us before 14.00 h, the spare parts will be supplied on the same day. At a reasonable price by our own forwarding department. Our customers receive spare parts for up to 30-year-old machines. In many cases, we even can supply spare parts for up to 50-year-old machines.

Completely overhauled second-hand machines

We undertake general overhauls of machines and plants locally or in our workshops equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.