Quality Control

Leak Test 1

Neuhaus Neotec supplement their quality assurance programme by high-quality leak test devices. This technology allows the detection of packaging leaks of all kinds and the tracking of customer-specified leak rates. By means of detection, the packaging quality is ensured and thus the required quality of the final food product. With the LEAK TEST I individual tests and automated samples are possible. Typical products are coffee capsules or coffee pods in pouches.

  • Non-destructive testing
  • Without test gas
  • Detection of even the finest of leaks of less than 10 μm

Laboratory Grinder LWM 100

Our laboratory grinder has been developed for variable grinding tests. Thanks to the individual drive of each roller and a quick change device for the rollers different configurations can be tested within a short time. The LWM can also be used as production machine.

Colortest 2

The COLORTEST 2 device illuminates the sample with monochromatic light from a semi-conductor source. A photo-receiver measures the amount of light reflected by the sample. From a series of individual measurements, the downstream electronic system determines the average value and displays it. Using new colour references, which are tested and certified by the manufacturer, a universally comparable measurement can be ensured.

Colorcontrol 2

System for continuous on-line colour measurement for roasted coffee beans and ground coffee.

Air jet screen for ground coffee

Including dust extraction for process air and corresponding screens

Laboratory grinder for smallest quantities

Technical data:
Product bin: 500 g
Grinding capacity: 700 g/min
Size: 220 x 330 x 560 mm

Precision laboratory weigher

Weighing capacity up to: 4,200 g
Accuracy: 0.1 g/min
Size: 213 x 342 x 88 mm

Moisture meter

With interface Range: up to 30 g
Steps: 1 mg
A fully automatic moisture analysis with infrared drying
Size: 271 x 283 x 165 mm

Bulk density volumeter

For determination of the bulk density
Size: 460 x 360 x 400 mm