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Innovative roasting technique by Neuhaus Neotec


By implementing energy-saving concepts and technologies, NEUHAUS NEOTEC takes care of protecting the environment by minimising pollution during coffee processing. The energy balance of the NEUHAUS NEOTEC roasters is one of the best on the market. Energy efficiency and protection of the environment and its resources are important targets of our developments. To achieve these targets, various measures have been implemented and optimised in our roasters:

• Optimum heat transfer and intelligent airflow

• lower roasting temperature

• very low percentage of exhaust air compared to other systems

• no water needed in the roasting chamber

Other components for recovering energy can be integrated individually. The control and command systems which are optimally matched to our roasters provide a major contribution to energy-saving roasting. Our plants are of course manufactured from environment-friendly and long-lasting materials and components.

Our aim is to help each customer to reduce the use of resources, to minimise emissions and CO2 emission, to save costs and ensure a higher flexibility in production and by simultaneously improving the quality of the final coffee product.


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