Today, consumers can enjoy roasted coffee in numerous variations. Coffee grinding is of great importance for the cup quality. Whether instant, filter coffee, espresso, pads or capsules, a grinder has to accommodate a variety of requirements. With over 40 years of experience in coffee grinding, the roll grinders of Neuhaus Neotec represent the current state of the art.

The different grinding degrees from instant to microfine are reached quickly, precisely and reproducibly. Uniform particle size distribution, high throughput, recipe control and wide compacting rates are performance features, just like long service lives and low maintenance costs.

The roll grinders of Neuhaus Neotec cover the entire coffee production spectrum. For optimum fulfilment of every single demand, our grinders are divided into different products:

  • LWM - The laboratory grinder
  • WMS - Modular grinder series for small to medium capacities
  • WMK - Modular grinder series for high and highest capacities
  • Neogrind - The special grinder for the highest demands