Profile and Copy Roasting

Constant quality by more control - Get the best out of your beans

Two proven control instruments for a better and constant quality of the roasted coffee are the programmes "Profile and Copy Roasting" of Neuhaus Neotec.

Whoever wants to develop the full flavor of his coffee and above all keep it constant, cannot avoid developing roasting profiles of the individual provenances (or blends). To develop their special aromas, the green coffees need an optimised roasting process that has been adapted especially to the respective coffee. After all, the aroma of the beans is influenced not only by the degree of roast and the roasting time but also by the duration of the heat introduction into the beans. Only if these parameters perfectly match, the coffees can develop their individual taste. This is not only possible during one roasting process but is constantly reproducible for every further roasting.

The Neuhaus Neotec profile roasting is an additional programme for the roaster control systems of the RFB roaster series, which is optionally integrated directly in a new control system. Up to 21 different values - for temperature/air quantity and moment - can be set for each roasting profile. These values are stored in the control system and can be recalled at any time for further batches of the respective coffee. The programme automatically and exactly controls the roasting process by means of the defined values. Neuhaus Neotec profile roasting is particularly suitable for longer roasting times, for espresso and café crema roastings. Here, the temperature profiles during the roasting process have a decisive influence on the aroma.

Those for whom a very good roasted coffee quality is not good enough, can combine profile roasting with a second programme extension, the Neuhaus Neotec copy roasting. Again, this is a programme which is integrated directly into new control systems on request.
Being a raw product, coffee is subject to natural fluctuations - varying bean moisture, varying storage time and temperature, differences in bulk density to name but a few. These variations influence the roasting process and thus may cause fluctuations in the quality of the finished product.
In order to compensate these product variations, Neuhaus Neotec has developed the copy roasting programme, a control instrument perfectly suited to avoid quality variations. The programme consists of an intelligent algorithm which measures possible deviations from the ideal roasting profile at intervals of five seconds and compensates them automatically by corresponding temperature/air quantity adjustments. Thus disturbances in the green coffee and the resulting variations in the roasting profile can be made up for.

"Anyone who works with many different coffees or different coffee qualities, knows what benefits copy roasting offers," says Ralf Torenz, Sales Director at Neuhaus Neotec. Even if the appropriate roasting profile has been created for a certain provenance, a difference in the residual moisture of the green coffee can still produce variations in the product quality. The copy roasting programme is an ideal control instrument for achieving a constant product quality in spite of quality variations in the input product.

Especially the roasters of the Neuhaus Neotec RFB series are ideally suited for this type of roasting control as the small amount of stored heat capacity allows a very quick adaptation of the heat quantity. Copy roasting can be used at any time in combination with profile roasting, since it requires a roasting profile as reference.

If you want to optimise your roasted coffee quality with the Neuhaus Neotec profile and copy roasting, you will not be left alone with the conversion. "We made the experience that you need only a few days and some test runs until the roasting processes are re-optimised," explains Torenz. Therefore, a Neuhaus Neotec employee assists the roast master in installing the programmes, accompanies the start-up and helps you to adjust the profiles. Of course, it is also possible to restore any accustomed settings with the new programmes.

With the combination of Neuhaus Neotec profile and copy roasting, coffee roasters can compensate not only possible fluctuations in the green coffee quality, but get to best of every single bean through the optimisation of the roasting process - over and over again.