Process Optimisation

Process optimisation by means of sliders

Thanks to the new slider roast programme by NEUHAUS NEOTEC, it is easier than ever to realise a great variety of adjustments of roasting curves.

The individual control of roasting processes and the optimisation of roasting curves are important for the production of quality coffee. The required adaptations are possible only with the corresponding roasting and control technique. NEUHAUS NEOTEC, a German manufacturer of roasting machines and plants, has developed a new "slider roast" control for its RFB-S roaster. By means of this control system the roasting curve can be modified rapidly and without delay via virtual sliders on a display prior to the roasting process. Thus, new profiles for experiment and test purposes can be created and stored. In combination with the innovative roasting technique of the RFB-S roaster, completely individual roasts are possible as the temperature control of the roasting machine responds immediately to changes in the programme, transmits them without time delay to the coffee to be roasted, and thus also provides cooling during the roasting process. With this system, the roasting process can be controlled in ways which were not possible before. This feature is particularly interesting for research and development as the findings obtained with the slider roast programme can be scaled up to larger roasting plants. The combination of RFB-S roaster and slider roast control is not only ideal for coffee but also for roasting cocoa beans.

The Neuhaus Neotec control software can be immediately installed into new plants and can be retrofitted into existing plants.