Using the full potential of the bean with roasting profiles

To roast coffee beans with different profiles only brings out the full aroma of the coffee. RFB roasters are ideal when it comes to simply varying and exactly reproducing air temperature and roasting time.

In order to develop their special flavours, coffees need a roasting process optimized for the respective variety or blend. By roasting with different profile settings - traditional or innovative - different flavours can be developed for the same green coffee. Because the aroma of the beans is influenced not only by the degree of roasting and the roasting time, but also by the time course of the heat input into the beans. Only when these parameters are optimally matched to each other the beans will develop their full flavour potential. It is crucial to achieve this flavour not only in one roasting process, but reproducible with each additional roasting.

Profile roasting is also suitable for longer roasting times, e.g. for espresso and café creme roasts. In this case, the temperature curves during roasting are particularly crucial for the aroma. The roasters of the RFB series are particularly suitable for working with profiles, as they are able to perfectly regulate the roasting time, the temperature and the air volume at any time thanks to the fast and flexible heat transfer by hot air.