About us

In the past and today, our goal is to get the best out of the bean.

About 40 years ago, NEUHAUS NEOTEC started to translate creative ideas into new solutions in coffee processing which optimise the processes of roasting, grinding and handling for our customers. In the past and today, our goal is to get the best out of the bean.

NEUHAUS NEOTEC with more than 150 employees have been active in the coffee and cocoa industry for more than 40 years. In 1991 the company was integrated into the Kahl Group. Our offices and our factory are located in Reinbek (Hamburg) and Ganderkesee (Bremen). About 75% of our products and services are exported.

Mainstream coffee roasters such as Kraft Heinz Foods (Maxwell House), JDE Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Nestlé, Massimo Zanetti Group (Segafredo) or Tchibo as well as successful speciality roasters are among NEUHAUS NEOTEC's customers around the world, to whom NEUHAUS NEOTEC have supplied both individual machines and turn-key plants.

We also deliver turn-key plants for the production of instant coffee - from bag intake to extraction.

The NEUHAUS NEOTEC design stands for high quality, low energy consumption and particularly environmentally friendly technologies.

The unique advantages of the NEUHAUS NEOTEC RFB roasting process are its flexibility and an incomparable range of roasting profiles, meaning that the machine can adapt the roasting conditions to the specific requirements of certain beans, and thus ensures an optimum aroma development, badge by badge.

The NEUHAUS NEOTEC specialists in process engineering and coffee will assist you in finding the proper roasting, conditioning, and blend for the specific market requirements.

An important aspect of our work is our customer service which includes technical assistance of customers by programmers, grinding and roasting specialists and advice on product optimisation and determination of the best recipe. Book an appointment at our new pilot plant!